What if Linus Torvalds Would Have Accepted Job Proposal of Steve Jobs?

Linus Torvalds, the man behind the wonderful project Linux and Git was offered job by Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. Torvalds never met Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft but he met Jobs in the year 2000 when he was working with Transmeta corporation, an American fabless semiconductor company. Jobs invited Torvalds to Cupertino Camps of Apple. Torvalds was offered thick salary and remarkable position within the organization and was supposed to do Non-Linux things at Apple. This was the point, Torvalds disagreed. Moreover Torvalds did not like the Mac Kernel, Mach.

Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds

What if Torvalds would have accepted the proposal?

That day if Torvalds would have accepted the proposal of Steve Jobs, today the world would not been the same. We wont be having Linux, Kindle, Android, more than half of Internet. More than 90% of servers of Today. Literally the picture of world would have been very different, as it is today.

ill-effect of Proposal rejection by Torvalds, if any?

It would have been great seeing two great minds Torvalds and Jobs working together. The world would have benefited in some other way but surely on the risk loosing Linux.

Torvalds as a He Is

Torvalds is known to be arrogant and for giving controversial statements, at times. But his contribution to the world is unmatched. He gave Linux and Git for free. There are too many statements against Torvalds that he never gave a part of his earning to make world a better place, but the fact remains he has given what others can not even think of. He gave his master piece development for Free. He could have earned Million and Millions of bucks. He gave what he was having to the whole world without any discrimination.

Torvalds as a Human Being

The chief architect of Linux Kernel is a nice and interesting person who talks about every Genre of the world. He write blogs, talk about his kids, Halloween, his native place, etc. You can follow him on his blogs and Google Plus.

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  1. http://torvalds-family.blogspot.in/
  2. http://www.linuxfoundation.org/blogs/linus-torvalds
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  1. https://plus.google.com/+LinusTorvalds/posts

Lesser Known Truth about Linus Torvalds

  1. Linus Annual Salary : $10 Million Per Year
  2. Linus Total Worth : $150 Million
  3. Creator of Revision Control System and Git besides Kernel.
  4. Torvalds first priority is FOSS, but he never minds using Proprietary software to get best result.
  5. He prefers Fedora, for its good support for PowerPC processor architecture and said this in an interview in 2008 and later in 2012.
  6. Linux Foundation sponsors Torvalds, so that Linux can give all his time for the development of Linux.

Famous Quotes of Linus

Some of famous quotes and saying of Torvalds.


“Torvalds don’t wear specs, he has configured X11 to the point, he don’t need any.”

“When you say, I wrote a program that crashed Microsoft Windows, People just stares at you blankly and say, Hey! I got those with the system, for free.”

Only Wimps use tape drive to maintain backup. Real men just upload their stuff on Public FTP and let the whole world make copies for you.”

“See, you don’t need to be a good programmer to create a system like Linux, you need to be a sneaky bastard too.”


“Making Linux available under General Public Licence is the best thing I did.”


Some people speaks, If Torvalds, would not have written the Kernel, somebody say “Michel” would have written this and we would have been calling it Michel OS, Today. Saying this are not we underestimating his capabilities, his sacrifice and his wonderful job.

Torvalds is a Messiah and a Geek, a Developer, an Admin, NASA Research Lab, White-Hat Hacker, etc knows what Mr. Torvalds did. There is nothing wrong in torvalds‘ Lord feeling in his self made world. The world will always be thankful to him

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34 thoughts on “What if Linus Torvalds Would Have Accepted Job Proposal of Steve Jobs?”

  1. I have been using Linux since long before 2000. Had Linus taken a job with Jobs in 2000, who knows the direction Linux might have taken, but it doesn’t mean Linux would have died. It is entirely possible that Linus might have given day to day control of his project to someone who also loved it and could keep it growing.

    Linus did invent Linux, and his direction and code contribution have been important to getting Linux to where it is today, but lets not forget the millions of other developers that have contributed code to the Linux kernel or that develop programs that run on Linux.

  2. I don’t understand why people feel the need to make comparisons all the time. Linus is definitely a genius and an outstanding example of generosity whose contribution has changed the world for the better.

    However, Steve Jobs too did his part in changing the world. Steve inspired a lot of people with his personality and his original drive was not money. Every human being on this planet has a specific purpose, some people touch more lives than others for a reason; it’s not up to us to judge them!

  3. Waw. The author really should have done some research into this topic, this article is so full of inaccurate statements I don’t even know where to begin…
    Linus is one of the greatest minds ever in the software world, no doubt about that.
    Jobs (in his last ‘phase’ at Apple) is one of the worst things ever for software and computers in general, so I try not to imagine what would have happened if those two had teamed up.


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