Terminator 0.97 – A Terminal Emulator to Manage Multiple Terminal Windows on Linux

Avishek Kumar

I am a major in computer science, love to research nix. I love to write codes and scripts, review distros, experiment Foss Technologies, write technical articles, Hack, of course Ethically. I am working as System Administrator (nix) for a NGO.

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13 Responses

  1. Keith Kee says:

    There are some cool things you can do with this application if you access to their config file. :)

  2. Rodnaldo says:

    Hi Avishek, I’m looking for a answer about Why I can’t do Audible ping from Terminator and I can do it from CTRL+ALT+F1 typing ping -a for example? And the most important how I could fix/do it from Terminator?

    Can you help me, please?

    Thanks a lot!!

  3. soybean says:

    Is there a windows version of this tool somewhere?

  4. Fedora user says:

    Wrong link. The article is about “Gnome Terminator” which is a native Linux app, yet the link points to a Java based terminal emulator which is completely different, despite sharing the same name.

    Gnome Terminator is not available on the Windows platform.

  5. Steve Boddy says:

    Actually, yes, you’ve searched for Terminator, and gotten the wrong one in the link.


  6. Steve Boddy says:

    Hi Avishek.

    As the current maintainer of Terminator, thanks for the article, but can I ask you to correct a couple of things so people don’t get the wrong idea.

    1. Terminator is not designed (nor have I heard of anyone succeeding) in running it on Mac OS X or Windows. There is some name confusion with another project out there called Terminator. Perhaps you are referring to or confusing with the other one.

    2. Possibly another confusion with the other project, there is no Java in Terminator. It is pure Python. “Portal ­ written in Java.” ?!?!?

    Everything else looks correct. You don’t mention which version you used, (terminator –version) but there are continual (if slow) additions. As ever, launchpad is the best place to see the latest, or to contribute.

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      Sorry Dear Steve Boddy,
      I Really was confused with another project Terminator.
      Thanks for taking the pain to Point that out.

      Requesting Admin, to correct it.

      • suman says:

        hi Avishek kumar,
        i am sandeep suman, working in a comppany in münich , germany. now i am trying to use nagios core to monitor in passive checks. i am going to use nrds. my client computer run windows. is there any tool better than nrds for thsi purpose in nagios ???

        congrats sir, u are doing very well in this field.

        waiting for reply.
        sandeep suman

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