Happy 1st Birthday to Tecmint

On this auspicious day we would like to thank you for our audience providing kind support and motivation. A year ago on this same day (15th August 2012), we started this blog with one single article, now we have over 225 high quality articles on Linux and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

1st Happy Birthday Tecmint
1st Happy Birthday Tecmint


Hi Friends, on behalf of the entire Tecmint Team, we would like to thank you all for associating with Tecmint as regular audience. We are very proud to inform you all that Tecmint has completed one year. Though we had a clear vision when started one year back, Tecmint was a small initiative.

Over this one year, Tecmint has contributed and shared numbers of high quality articles. As by now, you must have realized that the success which has got till this day, would not have been possible without the support of every audience who have visited and provided support to us.

Going forward, Tecmint is committed to contribute much more to Linux world and Open Source platform transferring the knowledge each other in the most efficient and informative way. To achieve this, we urge and encourage you all to provide suggestions and reviews which will help us to make TecmintThe Best!

Current Statistics

  1. Total Visits per month : 254,248
  2. Unique Visitors : 192,997
  3. Pageviews : 344,832
  4. Subscribers : 20000+
  5. Google Page Rank: 1/10
  6. Alexa Page Rank: 36189k

We wouldn’t achieve these statistics without your kind Awesome support. We hoping to accelerate these statistics in upcoming months with your support and help.

Once again we would like to THANK YOU! our regular readers for providing support and motivating.

Please give your valuable Birthday wishes, Suggestions and Feedback using our Comment Section

Let us contribute to the vast ocean of knowledge and quench our thirst by Tecmint!

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6 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday to Tecmint”

  1. Dear Tecmint,

    My Belated Happy birthday wishes. You guys are helping me a lot in resolving day to day linux issues. Keep Rocking. Have a great year ahead.

  2. Happy Birthday as well as a very Happy Independence Day to you all …
    Narad Sir
    Avishek Sir and at last to our Gurudev Ravi Saive Sir “Hats of to you all”
    You all really Rocks….
    And at the same time you really proven your talents in tecmint.com.
    As there is Mathematical theory that “Sharing of talent is directly proportional to increase in talent” that is the more you share your talent, your talent will increase more and more to your knowledge base. So I always pre to GOD more you help us you will also get help Naturally. Thank You every body……….

  3. Happy B’Day TecMint! You guys ROCK!…..I have used information from your articles to get by on a daily basis, and would probably suffer from “Epic FAILS” on a regular basis without the tips and tricks you guys have posted on here. Here’s to more years of continued success!


    P.S. So….like how long does a guy have to wait before he can proudly wear a Tecmint T-shirt?….LoL!


    • Thanks for such kind words, which motivate us to write more articles. Yes! the day is not far away, we will soon run a contest where 30-50 Winners will get TecMint logo T-shirt. Keep visiting TecMint.com


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