TecMint’s “Test Yourself” Quiz – 15 Linux Basic Questions Part -1

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WINNER : Subhendu Malakar

Test Yourself Quiz

Linux Questions Quiz
Linux Questions and Answers Quiz

Q1: Linux is __________________.

  1. Free and Close Source
  2. Free and Open Source
  3. Non-free and Close Source
  4. Non-free and Open Source

Q2: Linux actually is

  1. Operating System
  2. Computer
  3. Kernel
  4. Hardware Company

Q3: Linux was Developed by

  1. Linux Torvald
  2. Linus Torvald
  3. Bill Gates
  4. Steve Jobs

Q4: The First CD Based Linux Distribution was?

  1. Yggdrasil GNU/Linux
  2. Slackware GNU/Linux
  3. RedHat GNU/Linux
  4. Ubuntu GNU/Linux

Q5: _________________ is the core of the operating system

  1. Shell
  2. Kernel
  3. Command
  4. Script

Q6: Which among the following interacts directly with system?

  1. Shell
  2. Commands
  3. Kernel
  4. Applications

Q7: Major part of Linux Kernel is written

  1. Shell Script
  2. C Programming Language
  3. C++ Programming Language
  4. Perl Programming Language

Q8: Linux is which kind of Operating System?

  1. Multi User
  2. Multi Processes
  3. Multi Tasking
  4. All the above

Q9: Unix Operating System from IBM is

  1. AIX
  2. MAC
  3. BSD
  4. AUX

Q10: X86 Architecture means

  1. 16 bit
  2. 32 bit
  3. 48 bit
  4. 86 bit

Q11: Which among the following is used to write small programs to control Unix functionalities?

  1. Shell Script
  2. Shell Commands
  3. Filters
  4. C Language

Q12: Applications communicate with kernel by using:

  1. System Calls
  2. C Programs
  3. Shell Script
  4. Shell

Q13: HP developed the UNIX with the brand name?

  1. BSD
  2. AUX
  3. AIX
  4. IOS

Q14: Which among the following is not an editor in Linux

  1. emacs
  2. vi
  3. vim
  4. Notepad

Q15: Linux has no support for Language other than English

  1. True
  2. False
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  1. Pls consider this comment however ans on the above comment is also same but there i missed some brief discription against my ans.

    1(b), 2(c), 3(b), 4(a), 5(b), 6(c), 7(b), 8(d), 9(a), 10(b), 11(a), 12(d), 13(d), 14(d), 15(b)
    1 (b) –> Its well known, and its the first thing what i learned about linux
    2 (c) –> Its the kernel that comes with various release versions now
    3 (b) –> Father of Linux
    4 (a) –> Redhat and ubuntu came later with various modifications
    5 (b) –> Kernel is the heart of OS
    6 (c) –> kernel acts as an interface between the hardware and software/programs
    7 (b) –> Linux kernel is written in C
    8 (d) –> Linux provides all thee mentioned features
    9 (a) –> AIX given by IBM, im also working on RS6000 AIX machine
    10 (b) –> Its a well known fact…
    11 (a) –> shell scripts are series of small programs written on shell used to control unix functionalities
    12 (d) –> It communicate through shell
    13 (d) –> IOS is developed by HP
    14 (d) –> notepad is the ans that generally belongs to windows
    15 (b) –> Nowadays Linux is using everywhere and its supporting multiple langauages other that English

  2. Sorry everybody, no winner in this first round since there is no correct alternative for Question 3.

    The missing, correct alternative is Linus Torvalds.

    Better luck next time.

  3. 1 (b) (It uses GNU/GPL license)
    2 (c) (Linux is only the kernel, OS comprises of kernel along with other components)
    3 (b) (Its well known fact)
    4 (b) (ubuntu: 2004, redhat : 1998 slackware :1995, thats what i think)
    5 (b) (its for every OS)
    6 (c) (kernel acts as an interface between the hardware and the layer on top of it)
    7 (b) (well known fact, also i’ve some source code which is all written in C)
    8 (d) (Linux supports all the mentioned features)
    9 (a) (AUX: Hp, BSD: Berkeley Software Distribution, MAC: apple, only AIX left)
    10 (b) (x86: 32 bit, x64: 64 bit)
    11 (a) (shell scripts are written in bash)
    12 (a) (well known fact)
    13 (b) (same as 9)
    14 (d) (notepad is the default editor in microsoft windows)
    15 (b) (there is full localization support in linux)

  4. 1(b)[Everybody known]
    2(a)[because Linux has a kernel]
    6(a)[Shell is the directly interact with the kernel]
    10(b) [32-bit OS is called x86]

  5. Answer:

    1 (b):- Linux is kernel and it is free and opensource. Anyone can use code of this kernel and modify according to this and create OS like RedHat, Ubuntu.

    2. (c): Linux itself is a kernel code, not operating system. You can modify this code according to your requirements and create operating system like ubuntu.

    3. (b): It’s well known

    4. (D): It’s ubuntu. Intially ubuntu provided free cd. I have also brought 1 for myself.

    5. (b): Kernel is core of any OS which contains a lack of drivers.

    6. (c): Shell directly interect.

    7. (a): The answer of this question is Shell Scripting. Major part of linux is written in shell scripting.

    8: (d): Linux is multiuser, multitasking and have others more features.

    9: (a): IBM developed AIX for UNIX.

    10: (b): X86 means, It’s 32 bit operating system.

    11: (a): it’s shell scripting. Shell scripting programs are small

    12: (d): shell is directly communicate with kernel. So application first interct with shell.

    13: (c): IBM AIX is the answer of this question. It’s known.

    14: (d): Notpad is editor in windows based operating systems. Others are linux based and using in linux based os.

    15: (A): Linux has support of maximum languages of world.

  6. 1(b)
    Linux is a project of Linuz Torvald and he make it and provide it to other for free and any one can make changes to it thus make it open source.

    Linux is Operating system because it give end user to run the application, it has its heart kernel and shell to interpret the commands.

    Linux is developed by Linus Torvald as his own project derived from Unix.but he made this open source and free.

    before this distro the kernel images was give by Linus Torvald in floppy and other GNU software in diffrent floppy or disk.

    kernel intract with hardeware and act as interface between hardware and Linux OS and provide functionality to the end user.

    kernel is the core and hear of the os and it can directly communicate with the system hardware.

    because it is drived from Unix

    Linux is multi user os as well as multi tasking and also multi processes. Linux is capable of all these things.
    AIX is only run on IBM HARDWARE.

    x86 means 32bit because al the early processor are end wit the 86 and it is also binary compilable with 32 bit.

    shell script made of shell commands and thus automate the small task in Linux

    system call are used by application to intract with kernel using API.

    AUX is the hp-ux UNIX based os and it is proprietary implantation of UNIX by hp.

    notepad belongs to windows. thought it can be install in linux using wine.

    it can support multi langugae it is free and open source any one can make changes according to needs.

  7. I’m not a linux guru & i’ll try to answer as much as i can remember
    1. (b) – i know for sure windows is non-free and closed
    2. (c) – linux is a kernel but gnu linux is the os
    3. (b) – linux is a combination of linus and unix
    4. (b) – i think slackware came b4 redhat
    5. (b) – um sorry, this questions seems a little basic for me
    6. (c) – this questions rather seems contextual. i assume the system means hardware
    7. (b) – linux somewhat comes from unix which is written in C
    8. (d) – i think linux pretty does all that
    9. (d) – aix advanced interactive executive is proprietary to ibm
    10.(b) – the two common ones are 32-bit & 64-bit and 32-bit is x86
    11.(a) – scriptimg is making much more sense
    12.(a) – system calls via APIs..applications cannot communicate directly to hardware
    13.(b) – ibm’s aix is somewhat based on bsd and ios is apple
    14.(d) – notepad is the default editor in windows
    15.(b) – i first studied linux in russian

  8. 1(b), isn’t it a direct obvious one!
    2(c), a kernel created by linus..
    3(b), ^!
    4(b), might b!
    5(b), The fundamentally inner part of the OS!
    6(d), the most upper level softwares!
    7(b), C programming language, I think! Atleast unix was made by that I can say!
    8(d), Yes!
    9(a), Read somewhere!
    10(d), Architecture course!
    11(a), what I do on somewhat a daily basis!
    12(a), Systems Programming class taught me that!
    13(b), Read somewhere, though not sure!
    14(d), Microsoft calls Notepad ;)
    15 (a) I’ve seen people having bengali as the preferred language on their OS

  9. 1(b)[Its well known] ,
    2(a) – OS because it has a kernel with its own firmware and applications to work on. ,
    3(b) ,
    4(a) ,
    5(a) Kernel is the core of any OS ,
    6(a)- Shell is the command line interface to directly interact with the kernel,
    7(a) Shell scripting is the prime language in Linux ,
    8(d) Self explanatory,
    9(a) IBM delivers in the name of IBM AIX ,
    10 (b) 32-bit OS is also called x86.most popular in current systems,
    11(a) shell scripts are small programs in Linux,
    12(a) system calls are like interrupts,
    13(a) developed by Utah,
    14(d) gedit Linux names it
    15(a) i ve seen so far in english only.


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