How to Create Your Own “Home Media Streaming Server” Using Plex with FreeNAS – Part 3

21. Click Next to continue with our choose name. Then Click on ADD Folder and choose the media as our content folder and click on Add.

Select Add Folder

Select Add Folder

Add Media Folder

Add Media Folder

22. Then Click ADD Library to add media.

Add Media Library

Add Media Library

23. Now after Adding, we will get our Plex media Dashboard as shown in below picture.

Plex Media Dashboard

Plex Media Dashboard

24. Now there is no media files currently added, we have to add some media files now. We can Add several Channels by navigating to Home at the top left side Corner.

Step 6: Adding Media Files to Plex

25. To add media files to plex server we need to login into the Samba share in any one of the system, here I’m using my desktop machine (Linux Mint 17 Qiana) to add the files to FreeNAS CIFS share, but you can use any Linux, Mac, or Windows machines too.

But, before accessing samba share, we need to install samba packages on client machine.

# sudo apt-get install system-config-samba
Install Samba For Plex

Install Samba For Plex

26. Then connect to the samba share as a anonymous user and add the files from our desktop to the Plex Share.

# smbclient // -U anonymous
# put Motorcycle.mp4
Add Files to Plex

Add Files to Plex

If you’re using Windows, machine, you can simple use \\\tecmint_broadcast to access the share from any windows explorer, and drag and drop the files to share.

Step 7: Play Media Files from Plex UI

27. Switch back to browser and Refresh to load the media files, If media files not loaded we can choose the settings in right top corner and click on Force Refresh to load every media files.

Load Media Files in Plex

Load Media Files in Plex

28. Choose any one of the media file and Click on Play in the Left top Corner to watch the videos.

Play Media with Plex

Video Play 1: Preview

Stream Videos with Plex

Video Play 2: Preview

Here we can see some of the detailed information which we can get for the particular media.

Adjust Media Bitrate

Adjust Media Bitrate

Media Information

Media Information

That’s it! we have successfully deployed a home based streaming server using Plex.


Plex Media, mostly now days using in DLNA enabled devices. Most of them love to watch there favourites videos in the DNLA enabled devices, Hope this setup help you to Share your videos with friends and family. happy streaming.

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10 Responses

  1. Panpan says:

    Hi, please help me at Plex plugin part.. it’s not working for me :( I’m almost there :'(

  2. Robert says:

    Wozza, i had that same problem. It’s very simple. If you click on plexmedia and it asks you something about security you followed the steps on page 2. When u did that the service automatically turned off again. So u need to again turn the plugin on. Then it will work! Awesome tutorial, set it all up in my house. Thanks!

  3. Wozza says:

    Followed to the letter, but does not work. Fresh install of FreeNAS 9.10, but when you click on the link to go to the Plex Media setup screen, just comes up with “Page not found”. Can’t see why :(

    • Robert says:

      Turn the service Plex on again. It automatically turned off when u clicked ok and then tried to click on ‘here’ for plex media. Check the plugin, its turned off.

  4. Ivan says:

    I don’t get it how this is a streaming server. This is just a storage solution.

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