Deal: Get Ethical Hacker & Pentester Pro Bundle at Your Own Price ($1,431 Value)

Today, Ethical hackers are the most sought-after IT security experts, this is due to the ever rising cases of data breaches and cyber security threats.

Are you therefore prepared to master the game of hackers and consequently defeat malicious computer users? If yes, then the Ethical Hacker & Pentester Pro Bundle will enable you to acquire necessary IT security implementation skills through nearly 9-courses plus 150 hours or training, and importantly, you get to pick the price! Isn’t that amazing?

Increase your chances of landing a lucrative IT security job, by picking up the Pay What You Want: Ethical Hacker & Pentester Pro Bundle at your own chosen price on Tecmint Deals.

Through nine in-depth courses of the Ethical Hacker & Pentester Pro Bundle, you’ll master essential computer systems and network security techniques, including:

  1. Uncovering how Android malware functions as well as the ins and outs to avert a digital catastrophe.
  2. Utilizing Metasploit to master how to develop Trojans and backdoors, enabling you understand what to look for in case of a data breach.
  3. Learning fundamentals of Python to speed up code delivery and system integration practices, as well as develop system security software.
  4. Using Python to manage different Linux systems and perform security tasks such as network scanning and open port scanning.
  5. Learning the web framework of Django, as well as the open-source programming language such as Google’s Go Lang, Scala and so on.

What’s in the Bundle

  1. Kali Linux Tutorials Course
  2. Python Programming – Zero to Hero
  3. Linux System Administration with Python
  4. Scheme Programming Course
  5. Django Unchained with Python
  6. Haskell Programming
  7. Ethical Hacking & Certification Training Course
  8. Go Lang Programming Training
  9. Scala Programming

How “Pay What You Want” bundle actually works: you can get the Go Lang Programming Training and Scala Programming courses for as little as you want to pay. And if you manage to beat the average price paid, you’ll potentially unlock the full bundle.

For the above reason, subscribe for the Ethical Hacker & Pentester Pro Bundle at any price of your choice, for a limited time, now available on Tecmint Deals.

Ravi Saive
I am an experienced GNU/Linux expert and a full-stack software developer with over a decade in the field of Linux and Open Source technologies

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