Deal: Learn IT SysAdmin with Python & Linux Administration Bundle (95% Off)

Today, IT has become a vital sector in possibly every industry especially with the rapid technological advancements in the recent few years, therefore this has come with great employment opportunity for aspiring IT System Admins to configure, document, monitor and troubleshoot the different IT systems used by companies and other businesses.

Learn Python and Linux Administration Course
Learn Python and Linux Administration Course

To grab the present and future opportunities therefore requires one to have the required knowledge and skills and here to open your path towards a lucrative IT System Administration career is the Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle. For a limited time, grab this offer at a 95% discount on Tecmint Deals for the retail price, $1200.

Python is a powerful, versatile and easy-to-learn programming language used to easily develop everything from websites, software to games and so much more. It is fast becoming popular, importantly, it is reliable and effective when it comes to integrating systems. On the other hand, Linux powers numerous web servers around the world, over 90% of the world’s supercomputers and more than a billion Android devices.

With 60+ hours of instruction from industry experts, you’ll have 24/7 lifetime access to course content and materials to propel you towards Python and Linux mastery. Additionally, you’ll explore System Administration approaches such as automation using Python, also discover the benefits of integrating with other programming languages, and beyond.

The Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle includes 4-in-depth courses for you to learn the score of Python programming and Linux administration.

The four courses include:

  1. The Ultimate Python Programming: From Beginner to Expert – $300
  2. Python Programming & Linux Administration – $300
  3. Learn Python from Practical Projects – $300
  4. Python with Django: Build Web Projects using Django & Python – $300

Start your path towards a high-paying career as a IT System Administrator with the Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle, now at 95% off the retail price on Tecmint Deals.

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  1. Where do I go to login to my training account?

    I purchased a course in December and have not had time to access yet.

    Please could you provide a login page link?


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