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Cloud computing is fast growing in the world of computer and Internet technology, many companies, organizations and even individuals are opting for shared pool of computing resources and services. For starters, Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing where users consume hosted services on shared server resources.

There are fundamentally three types of cloud computing available today: private, public and hybrid cloud computing.

Cloud Diagram

Cloud Diagram

Private cloud is owned by an individual or single enterprise, managed and hosted on an internal enterprise network or externally by a third-party.

Public cloud is where cloud computing services are offered to the public on an open network such as the Internet. And a Hybrid cloud is a mix of private and public cloud computing services.

Under Hybrid cloud computing services, there is absolute separation of private and public cloud services although the two are bound in a single network infrastructure. There are also other types of cloud computing such as community cloud, distributed cloud, multi cloud and inter cloud.

There are several benefits of cloud computing including flexibility in business expansion, disaster recovery, automatic software updates, high-level of collaboration, working from anywhere there is Internet connection, data security plus many more. But choosing which cloud computing service provider to deal with can sometimes be difficult, due to the fact that many service providers have come up in the market.

But in this review, we shall look at one of the best and cheapest hosting and cloud computing service providers, ServerMania that you can work with.

ServerMania + OpenStack

ServerMania + OpenStack

About ServerMania

ServerMania is a leading company in providing affordable, highest availability and performance, fully redundant private and public cloud computing on the Internet, powered by OpenStack, an open-source cloud computing software.

ServerMania provides dedicated servers and cloud hosting solutions with the best industry customer service, superior up-time plus cutting-edge technologies.

With fully redundant, managed public cloud computing services, ServerMania provides your business with extreme scalability and high availability using modern IT infrastructure. The company fully utilizes the amazing power of OpenStack technology for immediate deployment of cloud severs and offers easy-to-use, customized server management tools for the remainder of their products.

The company’s IT infrastructure is used to implement a powerful surge platform, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated servers and Web hosting solutions that can be deployed just within five minutes, yes as little as five minutes.

With state-of-the-art data centers situated across the US, with facilities located in California, Los Angeles; New York, Buffalo; Chicago, Illinois, and Atlanta Georgia and managed by a team of experienced experts.

Why ServerMania

ServerMania Data Center

ServerMania Data Center

Having read a brief introductory company profile above, you may probably be asking what actually makes ServerMania a great choice for dedicated servers and cloud computing solutions. Let us now dive into answer that question in this section.

You can choose ServerMania for several reasons including:

  1. A feature-packed control panel (Surge) for managing your server installations. Every ServerMania client is equipped with state-of-the-art platform designed to enable them to easily and efficiently manage their hosting services.
  2. Unbeatable prices, pay less for the best. ServerMania has some of the best prices you can find in the industry in relation to the quality services they deliver.
  3. They provide a variety of dynamic hosting solutions, therefore get what you want. With an IT infrastructure that can be engineered to meet your demands.
  4. Impressive team of professionals to offer technical support, with high focus on customer satisfaction. ServerMania has a highly trained team offering 24/7 customer support services making sure that customers receive quality assistance plus so much more.
  5. Industry-leading SLA (Service Level Agreement), get 100% uptime SLA with ServerMania’s highly-redundant, custom-made networking hardware that operate the most stable dedicated servers imaginable.
  6. ServerMania is also absolutely dedicated to providing the best services to clients including giving clients so much freedom to operate and enabling enough room for growth.

ServerMania Public Cloud Features

SeverMania Features

SeverMania Features

  1. 24/7 support with an average 15 minutes response time
  2. 100% Uptime SLA
  3. Rapid server deployment
  4. 10 Gbit per second infrastructure
  5. Support for console access
  6. Easily scalable solutions
  7. Secured data
  8. Support for developer API
  9. Up to 900GB storage capacity
  10. Get up to 30GB of RAM
  11. Get up to 100% CPU share
  12. Use up to 32 IP addresses for your servers
  13. A network bandwidth of up to 10 TB per month

ServerMania’s Service Plans

There are different products and services offered by ServerMania to clients and these include:

  1. Hybrid smart servers
  2. Public Cloud
  3. Dedicated servers
  4. Colocation
  5. Virtual private servers
  6. DDOS protection
  7. Backup services

Visit ServerMania today and save 10% off any Public Cloud service with promo code: TECMINT10.

As a concluding remark, if you have been looking for a company providing cheap dedicated servers and cloud hosting solutions, with highest availability and performance, plus 100% uptime SLA, then look no further than ServerMania.

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