16 Most Used Microsoft Office Alternatives for Linux

5. GNOME Office

This is yet another open-source office suite built around a desktop environment like Calligra above. If you haven’t guessed it by now, GNOME Office is built for the GNOME DE using GTK technologies.

It supports just as much formats as the above-mentioned suites with elements (some of which you already know) used across varying distributions around the world.

GNOME Office is however only available on the Linux platform and has the following list of softwares under its entirety.

  1. AbiWord – word processing application
  2. Gnumeric – spreadsheets application
  3. Ease – presentation application
  4. Inkscape – Drawing
  5. Glom – database manager
  6. GnuCash – financial manager
  7. Evolution – Email manager and RSS viewer
  8. Evince – PDF viewer
  9. gLabels – label-maker
  10. Dia – Diagram designer
Gnome Office for Linux
Gnome Office for Linux

Visit Homepage: https://wiki.gnome.org/GnomeOffice

6. Softmaker Office

Softmaker is a Microsoft Office compatible closed-source software also offering the free and premium side of things.

The former is rather referred to as Softmaker FreeOffice while the latter is just Softmaker – encompassing all the features and functionalities.

Like LibreOffice and WPS, Softmaker is available on multiple platforms and the apps under the Office Suite includes the following.

  1. Textmaker
  2. PlanMaker spreadsheet
  3. SoftMaker Presentations – presentations
  4. BasicMaker – VB programming tool ( Windows only)
  5. eM Client – email-client (professional only)
Softmaker Office for Linux
Softmaker Office for Linux

Visit Homepage: http://www.softmaker.com/en/softmaker-office-linux

7. Oxygen Office

This is essentially a continuity of the “OpenOffice.org Premium” of back in the day in a free package with all the essentials supported by the Apache Office and LibreOffice with noteworthy differences in the maneuverability of the GUI and it’s enhanced code-base.

It supports all the norm including word creation, spreadsheets, and more with a few nifty extras like an antivirus software (for those on the Windows platform) – Avast Home Edition specifically, a diagram creator and also a calculator.

Oxygen Office for Linux
Oxygen Office for Linux

8. Yozo Office

This is one of the fewer-known Office suites that also offer a wide array of features including support for most Microsoft Office formats. Its components include a word processing engine, spreadsheets, PDF viewer, and presentation.

Yozo is however, proprietary but free and cross platform. But if you want even more features, then you you’ll have to go for the premium bundle which is quite hefty in pricing. Yozo also features its own custom file format ending in .eio

Yozo Office for Linux
Yozo Office for Linux
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44 thoughts on “16 Most Used Microsoft Office Alternatives for Linux”

  1. I use WPS office and I’m quite happy with it. Only problem is that the Windows version is so much more appealing visually.

  2. I was using OLE between an Excel sheet and Word docs (2003 version, nice, fast and stable) for quite some time and recently moved to elementaryOS. I tried several of the above office suits but up to now I did not manage to get this OLE working and my Office2003 (I hate the ribbons – they are for kiddies not for professionals) does not properly install under wine.

    Any experience what might help (except a VMWare with WinXP and Office 2003)?


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