UberStudent 3.0 Plato – Ubuntu Based Distribution for Students

ÜberStudent 3.0 Plato! is a free Ubuntu based Operating System for higher education & advanced secondary levels students and emerging-generations. Those who wants to learn and excel the tasks which has pre-configured programs by experts to compute daily tasks. Anyone can be benefited from easy to use powerful computing system.

This is the complete Operating System “out-of-the-box” learning platform for education who wants to make academic career successful. So, Students what are you waiting for!!! Garb your copy and just install UberStudent and experience it. Don’t forget to share your view with us. We believe, ÜberStudent distribution would be the complete platform for teaching, doing and learning in a smart way.

ÜberStudent 3.0 Plato Features

  1. Based on Ubuntu 13.04
  2. Default XFCE desktop environment
  3. 3.5 Linux Kernel
  4. 32 bit and 64 bit version
  5. Dedicated UberStudent repository!
  6. UberStudent Update Manager and Software Sources
  7. UberOxygen Icons
  8. Zotero with LyX and/or LibreOffice and Chromium and/or Firefox
  9. Academic templates
  10. Default compositing by Compton
  11. Conky on your desktop
  12. Thunar Custom Actions
  13. DocFetcher
  14. Guake Terminal

Download ÜberStudent 3.0 DVD ISO Images

  1. Download ÜberStudent 3.0 32-bit DVD ISO – (2.5 GB)
  2. Download ÜberStudent 3.0 64-bit DVD ISO – (2.5 GB)

Download VirtualBox-OVAs

Download pre-installed UberStudent ISO for Oracle VirtualBox. Import OVA files in to Oracle VirtualBox. Please refer “readme.txt” file, which is available on same download path.

  1. Download ÜberStudent 3.0 32-bit DVD ISO – (2.8 GB)
  2. Download ÜberStudent 3.0 64-bit DVD ISO – (2.8 GB)

UberStudent 3.0 Plato Screenshots Tour

Uberstudent Grub Menu
Uberstudent Grub Menu
Login Screen
Uberstudent Login
Uberstudent Welcome
Uberstudent Welcome
Uberstudent Menu
Uberstudent Menu
Uberstudent Sub Menus
Uberstudent Sub Menu

Reference Link

ÜberStudent Homepage

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