2013: The Golden Year for Linux – 10 Biggest Linux Achievements

The Year 2013 is about to end. This Year witnessed many milestones and can be called as a Golden Year for Linux. Some of the remarkable achievements from the perspective of FOSS and Linux are.

2013 Year of Linux
2013 Year of Linux

1. Rising Trends of Android

Year 2013 marked a record of Android phone activation with a figure of 1.5 Million everyday. Need not mention, Android usage Linux Kernel and such an enthusiastic approach regarding Android was notable landmark, which will continue to increase in the years to come.

2. Raspberry pi

One of the greatest development ever in the history of Low cost, single board computer was Raspberry pi. Raspberry pi was intended to promote Linux computing in schools and elsewhere and the board was highly welcomed by the FOSS Community and still continuing.

3. Debian in Space

Debian, one of the upper state of the art Linux distribution was controlling an experiment on a Space Shuttle mission in late march of year 2013. The experiment which was controlled by Debian was to test the way to grow plants without soil that could eventually provide oxygen and food to astronauts.

4. Rise of SteamOS

SteamOS, a debian based distribution was designed for Stream Machine Game Console and released in the mid of December 2013. With the trend of GNU/Linux into gaming environment is certainly a very welcome act.

5. Linux on Tablets

Seeing the Tablet sales at Amazon, Top ten tablets were running on Android Linux. Apple and Microsoft were far behind in the List on Number 11 and 12, certainly an enthusiastic news for FOSS community.

6. Chromebooks

Chromebooks wins the market of notebook computers, with a lot of high-end manufacturer viz., Samsung, ASUS giving place to GNU/Linux OS over Proprietary OS’s.

7. The Firefox OS

Firefox OS, the Linux based FOSS Operating System for Smart phones and Tablets, was released in late April 2013. The ARM based Linux distribution for mobile devices, shows promising future.

8. The Release of Kali

From the developers of BackTrack Linux comes Kali Linux. Kali is a Linux distribution based on Debian, the mother OS which is Primarily developed for Penetration testing and shares a lot of repository of Debian, one of the most rich Distro. Kali Linux holds the record download, in a very less time of its release.

9. Android Kitkat

One of the Most awaited release was named Kitkat. Google Announced Android 4.4 aka KitKat in September of 2013. Although the release had been expected to be number 5.0 aka Key Lime Pie. Kitkat has been optimised to run on a large variety of devices having a minimum of 512 MB RAM.

10. Linux in Cars

Till now Linux were in a variety of devices ranging from wrist-watches, Remote Controls to Space ship, so ‘Linux in Cars’ were not very unexpected still it was surprising when the role of Linux was demonstrated in Motor Trends Magazines, car of the year. Both of the Candidate whose model was selected as Winner, in the year 2013, were running on Linux.

The story is endless and it will continue in the future. We might have missed a few major landmark which you can tell us in our comment section. With all these we are giving our readers the last article of the great year for us (Tecmint) as well.

We need your appreciation and Love in the next year as we got in year 2013. We promise to keep providing you knowledgeable articles in future. Till then, keep connected to Tecmint.

Happy New Year 2014 to Geeks, Foss Enthusiasts and all our readers!

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