Best Linux RDP Remote Desktop Clients

Best RDP (Remote Desktop) Clients for Linux

Brief: In this tutorial, we look at some of the best RDP clients for Linux. Sometimes, you might be required to remotely access your PC in order to carry out a few tasks. You

Install LXQt Desktop in Ubuntu and Fedora

How to Install Latest LXQt Desktop in Ubuntu and Fedora

LXQt developed from popular components of LXDE and Razor Qt project, LXQt is a free, open-source, lightweight, and fast desktop environment for Linux and BSD distributions. It comes with several great and well-known features,

How to Install Latest Mate Desktop in Ubuntu and Fedora

MATE desktop is a simple, intuitive, and attractive continuation of GNOME 2. It is under active development to bring about constant improvements using modern technologies while holding to the traditional desktop experience. There are

Open Source Linux Desktop Environments

13 Open Source Linux Desktop Environments of 2021

The word ‘Open Source‘ can be attributed to the Linux community which brought it into existence along with the introduction of Linux (successor of then-existing Unix Operating System). Although ‘Linux‘ in itself came into

Install Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu

How to Install Cinnamon Desktop On Ubuntu

If you are looking for a simple and neat desktop environment, then you should try out the Cinnamon desktop environment. Being the default environment for Linux Mint, Cinnamon somewhat mimics the Windows UI and