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Install LEMP on CentOS 8 0

How to Install LEMP Server on CentOS 8

LEMP is a software stack that comprises a set of free and open-source tools that are used for powering high traffic, and dynamic websites. LEMP is an acronym for Linux, Nginx (pronounced as Engine...

Setup Nginx HTTP Load Balancer in Linux 7

How to Use Nginx as an HTTP Load Balancer in Linux

When it comes to setting up multiple application servers for redundancy, load balancing is a commonly used mechanism for efficiently distributing incoming service requests or network traffic across a group of back-end servers. Load...

Find Apache Document Root in Linux 1

How to Find Apache Document Root in Linux

The DocumentRoot is the top-level directory in the document tree visible from the web and this directive sets the directory in the configuration from which Apache2 or HTTPD looks for and serves web files...

Install Nginx on CentOS 8 0

How to Install Nginx on CentOS 8

Nginx (Engine X) is a most popular, powerful and high-performance open-source HTTP web server and reverse proxy server with a scalable event-driven (asynchronous) architecture. It can also be used as a load balancer, mail...

Enable Apache UserDir in CentOS 3

How to Enable Apache Userdir Module on RHEL/CentOS

User Directory or Userdir is an Apache module, which allows user-specific directories to be retrieved through an Apache web server using the syntax. For example, when the mod_userdir module is enabled, users accounts...