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When you build a web site, even using the CMS, sooner or later you will need to edit the source code of pages to give the site an individual look and functionality. Every webmaster should understand HTML, CSS, and preferably, PHP code. But knowing and understanding the code is only one part of the good skill. The other part is to be able to choose and get used to a proper and convenient tool for working with code. Choice is huge from simple virtual notebooks to multifunctional IDEs (Integrated Development Environment).

CodeLobster PHP Edition is popular and rich-functional IDE for webmasters. It has a comprehensive support for coding process when producing web sites and applications, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Moreover, it has built-in plugins for popular frameworks and CMS: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal, JQuery, Joomla, Smarty, Symfony, WordPress, Yii.

Codelobster PHP IDE
Codelobster PHP IDE


Primary, but not a complete list of features and functions of CodeLobster PHP Edition is:

  1. HTML/CSS inspector (Firebug-style)
  2. Built-in PHP debugger and parser
  3. Auto-completion for SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML
  4. Automatic syntax checking
  5. Syntax highlighting for SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML
  6. Zen coding support
  7. Code collapsing
  8. Class view
  9. Multi tabs for different files
  10. FTP support
  11. DB management support
  12. Context-sensitive and dynamic help SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML
  13. And much more.

As for PHP there is a full-fledged PHP debugger and code parser that provides the complete structure of your project together with a list of suitable in a concrete place methods; the code is highlighted for easy visual perception of operators and tags; context and dynamic help for functions is obvious; auto filling for functions, methods and variables of classes speed your work together with tooltips.

For HTML CodeLobster PHP Edition provides auto-complete and attributes for current tag, marks for paired tags, appropriate attributes and attribute values and dynamic help for syntax.

SQL is also powerfully supported, which allows you to manage your DB assets, execute queries, export and import data, etc.

FTP support makes working with remote files as if they are on your local machine. Popular frameworks and libraries like jQuery, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii and Symphone are also presented by such functionality as auto competition, context and dynamic help, controller and view navigation.

Codelobster PHP Edition can be installed with the help of typical Windows installer from distribution package, downloaded from:


Setup process is simple and consists of several steps:

  1. Accept the license agreement
  2. Choose installation directory
  3. Choose file type associations to be opened in the program
  4. Choose between standard or portable versions
  5. Select color scheme (own or similar to different popular code editor)
  6. Choose language
  7. Choose plugins that you need for you work.
Codelobster Selection
Codelobster Supported Languages

Though the basic functionality of Codelobster PHP Edition is free, you will need a serial number for professional version or for chosen plugins to work after the trial 30-days period. You can obtain free serial number after short and simple registration on the web site.

When you type the code, tool-tips pops-up, providing you with the list of all possible and suitable words for the defined place.

Codelobster PHP Editor
Codelobster PHP Editor

Despite rich functionality of this IDE, it will not be a big problem to deal with all the tools, presented in the program, and after spending some time getting used to Codelobster PHP Edition interface, the quality and speed of your development process will increase greatly at the same time delivering a pleasure from work.

Reference Links

  1. Codelobster PHP Homepage
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  1. I’ve been using CodeLobster for quite some time now and find it the perfect code for building web sites using PHP, HTML5, CSS, Less, etc. … it just does it’s job and does not get in the way.

    To pick up Grigor’s comments … it does not claim to be open source software. The basic IDE is free, with additional functionality available by purchasing the Pro version (for a modest fee).

    I upgraded to the Pro version years ago, and they are still delivering updates and additional functionality to me at no extra cost. Over time, this program has proved itself to be fantastic value for money.

  2. Just to note: it is freeware, not free software. Its source code appears to not be available. There is only Windows version – no Linux, Free/OpenBSD etc. And the serial can be obtained free of charge, but only if you give your e-mail address.


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