NoMachine – An Advanced Remote Desktop Access Tool

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Pungki Arianto

Currently I am a Linux/Unix administrator. But I also play Windows both in server and desktop area. Interested in information technology, information security and writing.

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28 Responses

  1. Prasanta Shee says:

    Additionally, you can also use tools like logmein, R-HUB remote support servers teamviewer etc. for remotely accessing computers from anywhere anytime. They work well.

  2. Paulo says:

    New NX Free 4.0 version Free, non create RDP (Terminal Service) Session? is only VNC client ?

  3. Mr. Peppy says:

    “Free Edition has a limit of 2 concurrent connections only” – that’s not correct. Version 4 free edition allows only one connection. Next person gets “Error: Reached the maximum number of concurrent sessions on this server”

  4. Radjammin says:

    Red hat and Ubuntu should license nomachine as their default and throw away vnc. It’s old and slow. Then they can finally finish unity and gnome. I think the only reason vnc still exists is because linux ui’s are unfinished.

  5. Gill V. says:

    I don’t think it is fair to compare NoMachine to x2go. NoMachine connects you to Linux, Window and Mac computers. x2go only lets you connect to Linux. There’s hardly any comparison. x2go is open source which could be a plus for those who actually care.

  6. jeffrey says:

    Ehm ehm… A x2go user (developer?) trashing NoMachine. Don’t forget that this is the company which built the software x2go predates. At NoMachine must be all morons if they spent 6 years (not 3) developing a new version of something that was so good. But I can understand your discontent. I’m sure it won’t be easy to keep staying on the shoulders of the giants now that the giants are gone.

    • GF says:

      NoMachine clients/servers are NOT reliable in working with each other, at least across platforms. Yeah, giants.

      • GFGF says:

        Are you sure they are not reliable? Windows to Linux, Linux to Mac, Mac to Mac, Windows to Windows, Mac to Windows, have I forgotten one? Get your facts reliable before posting fud.

  7. remoteslave says:

    NX4 is a regression. Not just because it’s closed source, but because it’s riddled with new and improved bugs (default user permissions, for one), has higher latency and worse screen quality. You have the choice of terrible visual artifacts or irritating and slow screen refreshes with multi-pass encoding (which only seems to make a difference or work at all in the highest quality.) All our LAN users complain that bleeding and ghosting text is exhausting their eyes, and it is especially pronounced using bright text on white (coding highlighting) or dark colors on black (terminal filetype highlighting.) Unless you need to run the server on a platform other than Linux, save yourself a few days of headache and just use x2go. The only reason I could endorse NX4 is if the vglserver will work for OpenGL apps, but I expect to lose a day of my life debugging that too; I bet it could also work on x2go anyhow. Amazing it took 3+ yrs of development to release this buggy VP8/264 wrapper that could benefit users of remote video or remote virtual PCs while causing headache and productivity loss to everyone else.

  8. gst says:

    There are alternatives based on this and another software called xpra

    Comparison of VNC, NX, xpra-

    The open source version of NX, with session suspension-

    I use Winswitch, has lot of nice features.

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