3 Useful Hacks Every Linux User Must Know

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17 Responses

  1. Quentin MOULINIER says:

    Thanks !
    And as every advice can be useful, I would like to contribute to your article with another tip I learned from a collegue few month ago :
    How to execute a command without leaving it in history file ?
    – just put an empty space first ! :-)

  2. Franck says:

    hi, one way among others to exit properly a process sent in background is to use the fg command (FrontGround) to get it back (if you are still in the same terminal) and then CTRL+C.

  3. Prashant Singh says:

    excellent !!!
    thanks a lot !!!

  4. Terry Hendrix says:


    (cd /home/avi/Downloads/ && ls -l)
    ls -l /home/avi/Downloads/

    This aint a trick or hack, but rather a waste of time…

  5. Amit says:

    How to stop this – while true; do date > /tmp/date.txt ; sleep 5 ; done &

  6. jumen says:

    3. Run a command and come back to the current working directory automatically.
    also can do like this:
    [email protected]:~$ cd /home/avi/Downloads/
    [email protected]:~$ls -l
    [email protected]:~$cd –

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      But why to type an extra line of command?
      All my intention is to do it as quick and effective as possible.

  7. hi
    I am also learning scripting, can we restrict a user to use a specific amount of data in a directory. Lets say I need to restrict a user to save or copy 100mb of data only not more than that.

    thanks in advance
    satish amrutwar

  8. Rohit says:

    How to stop this:

    while true; do date > /tmp/date.txt ; sleep 5 ; done &

  9. The last two will definitely help me. :)

  10. Abhilash Anandan says:


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