6 WC Command Examples to Count Number of Lines, Words, Characters in Linux

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Ravi Saive

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23 Responses

  1. saurabh Madhukar says:

    Thank you sir, very helpful article.

  2. Ezza Kezza says:


    This all looks very straightforward if you know what you’re doing. Whereabouts do I type in the command wc -w to try and find out how many words are in a document, please?

    I’d greatly appreciate step by step from the beginning, pics would be good :)

    • Ravi Saive says:


      Here is the example command of how wc -c works.

      $ wc -w w_syst02.pdf 
      76522 w_syst02.pdf

      Here 76522 are number of words in a document w_syst02.pdf.

      • T-T-T says:

        can you help me…this is the code i’ve made..but i want to count the lines of 01:19:21….how to write the code just to count
        the all 01:19:21 lines????

  3. abhishek says:

    Write a shell script to count the number of lines, characters, words in a file (without the use of commands). Also delete the occurrence of word “Linux” from the file wherever it appears and save the results in a new file.
    anybody plz help

  4. Kinjal says:

    It is really helpful now. If I have any type of query , I will definitely ask u. Thanks for now.

  5. vijay vikky says:

    what is the special purpose for linux?

  6. hasan0228 says:

    How do I get no of records of the file exclude footer?

    • Ravi Saive says:


      Your question is incomplete, could you explain your question in more detailed fashion, so that we can understand better and give you a proper solution..

    • vikky says:

      use linux

      • David says:

        The tool for excelency is a computer (smartphone, tablet, etc) and need a software in special to work, to interactive with you like user. The best option to handle that is Linux. That is the reason.

  7. Sunny says:

    cat filename.txt | grep -v “saerch” | sed -n ‘ $ p ‘

  8. Saransh says:

    If u don’t want to print to print the last line

    Go for grep -v option

    can try grep -v ‘^6’

  9. Jayanto says:

    When I do a wc -l in a directory then the output is something like –
    1 File1.txt
    2 File2.txt
    3 File3.txt
    6 Total

    I do not want to display the last Total. How can we do that? Any insights..!

    • You can try this

      wc file*|grep -v total

      grep with -v option removes the lines which have the word “total” in them., so except last line all files with word count will shown. Hope it helps

  10. SRI says:

    Please tell me how to display number of words in each line by using wc command?

    • while read line; do echo “$line” | wc -m ;done < filename

      if your file contains '/' then use 'read -r' in the above command

      Another simple way without wc is

      awk '{print length($0) }' filename

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