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10 Useful Free Linux eBooks for Newbies and Administrators

Download Your Free eBooks NOW - 10 Free Linux eBooks for Administrators
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If you’re planning to take your Linux learning process to more admin/expert level, then we’ve compiled a list of 10 Free Linux eBooks that will help you to build your Linux skills foundation very strong.

Free Linux ebooks

10 Free Linux ebooks

We have presented ebook’s order from getting started guide to advance administration in Linux. So, you could download and start improving your Linux skills from very beginning to advance level.

1. Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide

This guide was designed as a summary of the Linux Operating System, a helping hand to newbies as an investigation journey and getting starter guide with physical activities at the end of each chapter. This book accommodate real examples that procure from the author’s experience as an Linux system administrator or a trainer. I wish these examples will help you a lot and understand Linux system better and motivates you to try things on your own.

Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide

Download – A Hands on Guide

2. A Newbie’s Getting Started Guide To Linux

This book is all about learning basic Linux operating system and getting acquaint yourself with the experimental side. If you are new to Linux and want quick and easy access to get started with it than this is it. Linux is an open source operating system, it very fast and safe than window. with this manual start discovering Linux today.

A Newbie's Getting Started Guide

Download – A Newbie’s Getting Started Guide

3. Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

With this concise set of notes you will get daily updates in your email for free. Most of the people abominate the command line, but it’s one of the most systematic way to get things done. We have organized a list of useful Linux commands that can be used to make your work more efficiently.

Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

Download – Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

4. User Mode Linux

With this User Mode Linux ebook you can design virtual Linux machines within a Linux computer and use it safely for testing and debug applications, network services, and even kernels. You can also try new distributions, demonstrate with buggy software, and even test security. This ebook include discussions on networking and security in depth, implementing cluster, future of virtualization and other specialized configuration examples for setting up user mode Linux servers.

User Mode Linux

Download – User Mode Linux

5. The GNU/Linux Advanced Administration

The elements of this 500+ pages ebook are related with system administration. In this you will learn how to install and configure several computers, how to compress and sync the resources using GNU/Linux. This book includes server and data administrator, Linux network, kernel, clustering, security, optimization, migration, tuning with a non-Linux systems. This ebook is must needed one for any serious Linux system administrator.

The GNU/Linux Advanced Administration

Download – The GNU/Linux Advanced Administration

6. Managing Linux Systems with Webmin

In this 808 pages eBook you will learn the browser based Linux/Unix administrator with Webmin in a systematic and step by step. Webmin provides you a browser based remedy for virtual and everyday Linux/Unix administrator work. This ebook gives you a brief explanation on how to install, configure and secure basic system services, such as file systems, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FTP, Squid, Samba, Sendmail, Users/Groups, Printing and much more. You will have more than 50 important Webmin task, it offers step by step instructions, screenshots, and list of configuration files that are being modified.

Managing Linux Systems with Webmin

Download – Managing Linux Systems with Webmin

7. Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

Shell is one of the most important tool on a computer system. Most of them are not aware of how one can perform with it. With the help of simple combine commands you can solve any complex problems that occur in our day to day system usage. This Free 40 pages eBook shows you effective use of shell and perform difficult job easier. This eBook consist of basic use of shell, general commands, their usage and how to use shell to make complex work easy.

Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

Download – Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

8. Shell Scripting: Expert Recipes for Linux Bash

Shell scripting eBook is a collection of shell scripting formula that can be immediately used modified and applied for various solutions. Shell is the basic way to interacting with Linux/Unix systems, a direction with a list of ingredients to program a task. This book also features recipes system tools, shell features and system admin. Come out of your shell and dive into this collection of practically tested shell scripting recipes that you can start using in your system right away.

Shell Scripting: Expert Recipes for Linux Bash

Download – Shell Scripting: Expert Recipes for Linux Bash

9. Linux Patch Management

The ebook provides a patch management techniques for Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE, Debian, and other leading distributions to minimize impacts on administration, networks and users. The ebooks provides a comprehensive coverage on how to use yum, apt and yast online updates to keep your system up-to-date and will reduce your costs, improve the availability of your systems, and dramatically enhance your personal efficiency.

Linux Patch Management

Download – Linux Patch Management

10. Create Your Own Linux from Scratch

The Linux from Scratch eBook furnishes readers with the framework and direction to build and design own custom Linux system. This 318 pages eBook spotlights the Linux from beginning and the advantages of using this system. It also provides readers to create and modify Linux system according to their needs, including security, directory layout and script set up. The designed system will be arrange completely from the source and the users will be able to specify where, why and how the packages are installed.

Create Your Own Linux from Scratch

Download – Create Your Own Linux from Scratch

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42 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Really disappointed. Had to sign in via Linked In and answer questions related to my job only to find that I could only download an exerpt of the book rather than the whole thing.

  2. eli says:

    TecMint.com is a treasure for those who are interested in Linux.
    KUDOS TO RAVI SAIVE who have been working tirelessly to make this happens.

    Silver Spring, Maryland USA

  3. Penelope says:

    Simply MARVELOUS !! what an outstanding site to follow. Great Job. Keep it up !!!

  4. Ken says:

    Well, I must thank you for the eight free e-books which would have required a lot of searching to find, and I suppose the two excerpts, to be fair supplied some funds to advertise their books (Wrox and Packt), both well recognised publishers on IT subjects.
    So, in all, while at first I was going to complain about the excerpts like Jason above, I can see the reasons, and they would be worthwhile purchases :)
    So, in all, a worthwhile, if tedious procedure to get my hands on the books :lol:
    Thankyou !

  5. Ahmed says:

    How do I download these books? I keep clicking on the link but it opens the same page in a new browser tab. Thanks

  6. nitesh says:

    Has this been fix yet?

  7. Ingvar says:

    I reside in the Russia.
    How do I download these books?

    • Ravi Saive says:

      We’ve provided links to download for each ebook, is there any problem you getting while downloading ebooks? If yes please share the screen grab of any error you getting.

  8. eglefino says:

    Even as other members I visited more times this ‘shit’ website (sorry for my own description) searching for the one and only working link to download!
    There are still not so many Linux/Unix users who know enough about this software… so some extra information could be easy. But if someone is interested in (free) eBooks of Linux (Windows-users too), than must it be easy downloading it or otherwise make not so large publicity about it. We are no children who want to be kept for 20 minutes on this website, to search for the (free) eBooks.
    For the web-master of this website it’s a signal that the website is still not working well. It’s a better statement to visitors that you sent the eBooks by e-mail. AND that you don’t use the email-address for ‘publicity practices’, otherwise is free not free. If my English written text not okay, I learned it 40-years back at my last school class, and it’s not my own.

    My slogan
    ~ I’m open, honest and sincere to myself, to my partner and with some restrictions to others too…! ~

  9. jokomanyun says:

    Very disappointed too.
    No links provided with the download.
    The author said he will fix it soon (replied by Ravi Saive at April 16, 2014 at 2:27 pm), but now one month already, NOT FIXED.
    May be I need to block this website on my firewall, so it will not lead to false information.
    There so many website out-there providing better information than this crap.
    Good bye ….

    • Ravi Saive says:

      Dear Friend,

      Sorry for any trouble you’ve faced with the download links, I’ve already included download links at bottom on each book, even I checked all links personally all are working fine, can you re-check and confirm me..

  10. Yorn says:

    can’t find downloads links under each book description…!

    • Ravi Saive says:

      I’ve included download links to each book under description. Can you show me a screen shot where you not able to see them. Please, this will help us in identifying problem.

  11. Pam Dougan says:

    May 27, 2014

    I don’t see any links and I would like to read a few of these books.

    Screenshot is here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10444846/NoLinks.PNG


    • Ravi Saive says:

      The images looks strange to me, which browser you are using and which version? It seems the browser is outdated, I suggest you to upgrade to Firefox or Chrome and then check the page again.

  12. Michael McIntyre says:

    If you’re using adblock, the links are not shown. Open in incognito or disable adblock to see them; just encountered the same issue myself.

    • Ravi Saive says:

      Thanks Michale, for pointing readers to correct directions…

    • Scott Arico says:

      Yes! Finally I figured out what the problem is. I think that this information should be listed as a disclaimer as I am using Chrome with both Adblock plus and Adblock pro running simultaneously, and having that information readily posted in large letters would have made it easier for me to figure that you. Otherwise, thank you to the utmost ability of my frail human abilities for these guides.

  13. none of the links work useless

    • Ravi Saive says:

      Bro, I’ve checked all links and they are working properly, may I know where you facing problem. If possible do send me a screenshot of error if any you getting on the screen, it will help us in identifying problem.

  14. Chirag says:

    Where is the Link Dear No link any where.

    • Ravi Saive says:

      Chirag, links are already there, even links are added to images. Clicking images will take you to the download section. If you still not able to see links, can you do a little help, if possible can you share screenshot of your browser?

    • Hasan says:

      I don’t no how to download those e books and what is work email and i dont have any job and company iam studying plz kindly help me to get those books. Plz email me : Shaikhhasan533hf@gmail.com

  15. Lide says:

    Hi, the image (and link) of each book doesn’t show in Chrome, but it’s ok on Safari. Hope it will help you.

  16. Sudheer says:

    Thank you very much ravi… i learned so much information about linux from this site..

  17. Manjit says:

    It’s really good

  18. geraldo says:

    Hi Ravi

    The missing links are definitely caused by AdBlock.

    I suggest you update your post to tell users of AdBlock to disable it then refresh the page. If you do that, the images of the book covers and the links magically appear.

    Thanks for posting the list. It is very helpful.

  19. Femi Adesoye says:

    Thanks all the way, I download it through my BB smartfphone and transfer it into my computer for a more larger view. Can’t wait to hook my eyes on those files because I am a new learner. And more related info won’t be a bad idea from anyone outthere for a new Linux user like me. Thanks

  20. Haruna Adoga says:

    thanks Ravi Saive for the ebooks , all download links working perfectly, keep up the good work.

  21. Sitthykun says:

    Great job Ravi Saive!!

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