Nginx Bandwidth Limiting

How to Limit Network Bandwidth in NGINX Web Server

Previously, in our NGINX traffic management and security controls series, we have discussed how to limit the number of connections the same client can make to your web resources, using client identification parameters such

Create Nginx Custom Error Pages

How to Create Custom 404 Error Page in NGINX

Every time NGINX encounters an error as it attempts to process a client’s request, it returns an error. Each error includes an HTTP response code and a short description. The error usually is displayed

Install WordPress with Nginx on RHEL

How to Install WordPress on RHEL 8 with Nginx

When it comes to Content Management Systems, WordPress reigns supreme. WordPress powers nearly 43% of all the websites hosted online followed by its competitors such as HubSpot CMS, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, and Shopify to

Install LEMP on Rocky Linux

How to Install LEMP Stack on Rocky Linux 8

LEMP is a popular stack that comprises open-source software that is collectively used to host and serve web applications, whether in production or any stage along the development cycle. The terminology LEMP is an

Install Varnish Cache for Nginx on CentOS 7

How to Speed Up Nginx with Varnish Cache on CentOS 7

Varnish Cache (also referred to as Varnish) is an open-source, high-performance HTTP accelerator designed for speeding up web servers. In our last articles, we’ve explained how to setup Varnish Cache for Apache on CentOS