TecMint’s “Test Yourself” Quiz – 15 Linux Basic Questions Part -1

We are proud to launch a new series of articles “Test Yourself.” This is First article or say First Test of the above said series. Test Yourself is aimed at putting you in the process of learning in better and interactive way. Take the Test and know where you are.

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WINNER : Subhendu Malakar

Test Yourself Quiz

Linux Questions Quiz
Linux Questions and Answers Quiz

Q1: Linux is __________________.

  1. Free and Close Source
  2. Free and Open Source
  3. Non-free and Close Source
  4. Non-free and Open Source

Q2: Linux actually is

  1. Operating System
  2. Computer
  3. Kernel
  4. Hardware Company

Q3: Linux was Developed by

  1. Linux Torvald
  2. Linus Torvald
  3. Bill Gates
  4. Steve Jobs

Q4: The First CD Based Linux Distribution was?

  1. Yggdrasil GNU/Linux
  2. Slackware GNU/Linux
  3. RedHat GNU/Linux
  4. Ubuntu GNU/Linux

Q5: _________________ is the core of the operating system

  1. Shell
  2. Kernel
  3. Command
  4. Script

Q6: Which among the following interacts directly with system?

  1. Shell
  2. Commands
  3. Kernel
  4. Applications

Q7: Major part of Linux Kernel is written

  1. Shell Script
  2. C Programming Language
  3. C++ Programming Language
  4. Perl Programming Language

Q8: Linux is which kind of Operating System?

  1. Multi User
  2. Multi Processes
  3. Multi Tasking
  4. All the above

Q9: Unix Operating System from IBM is

  1. AIX
  2. MAC
  3. BSD
  4. AUX

Q10: X86 Architecture means

  1. 16 bit
  2. 32 bit
  3. 48 bit
  4. 86 bit

Q11: Which among the following is used to write small programs to control Unix functionalities?

  1. Shell Script
  2. Shell Commands
  3. Filters
  4. C Language

Q12: Applications communicate with kernel by using:

  1. System Calls
  2. C Programs
  3. Shell Script
  4. Shell

Q13: HP developed the UNIX with the brand name?

  1. BSD
  2. AUX
  3. AIX
  4. IOS

Q14: Which among the following is not an editor in Linux

  1. emacs
  2. vi
  3. vim
  4. Notepad

Q15: Linux has no support for Language other than English

  1. True
  2. False

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