Linux_Logo – A Command Line Tool to Print Color ANSI Logos of Linux Distributions

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13 Responses

  1. JT says:

    This program linux-logo does NOT need any X installed at all.

    So you are incorrect when you said:

    “linux_logo is written primarily in C programming Language, which displays linux logo in an X Window System and hence User Interface X11 aka X Window System should be installed. The software is released under GNU General Public License Version 2.0.”

    I have complied this run on a Raspberry PI, with NO X. Works great.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. ALJI Mohamed says:

    This is awsome , thank you guys.

  3. John says:

    My CentOS box is apparently ‘SOLARIS’. Who knew? ;-)

  4. Lee Goile says:

    linux_logo -L 21 is not Redhat. It appears to be PLD instead. Otherwise great article.

  5. Vardash says:

    In combination with lolcat makes it funny :)

    linux_logo -L6 -a -u -y | lolcat

  6. It’s is amazing. This is first time I’m hearing about Linux_Logo utility. Thanks for sharing this useful article.

  7. Bavarian says:

    Ubuntu package name is “linuxlogo” not linux_logo.

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      Dear Bavarian,
      I am aware of this fact and hence the very first line says:
      “linuxlogo or linux_logo is a Linux command line utility”

      Let me tell you a few strange thing about this project
      On Debian linuxlogo as well as linux_logo both works, however the man page (man linuxlogo) shows man linux_logo.
      On Ubuntu linux_logo doesn’t work but linuxlogo does and interesting part is man page of linuxlogo shows man linux_logo.
      same is the condition on CentOS (as Ubuntu).

      • Saidul Hassan says:

        Interesting! On Mint 18.1 it says-
        The program ‘linux_logo’ is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt install linuxlogo

        So basically it recognizes linux_logo but uses linuxlogo.
        Thank you! I am aware of screenfetch but like many other, I came to know about linux_logo/ linuxlogo just now from you!

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      :) happy to know @Open Source Feeder,
      that my writing helped you.
      Keep Connected!

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