11 Myths About GNU/Linux Operating System

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30 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    1. Linux does not support Pro Tool, The industry standard in recording audio from small to major recording houses. FACT

    2. Linux does not natively run Photoshop and Gimp is just a cheap knockoff real professional photographers do not use. FACT

    3. Linux does not support After Effects or any professional grade video production software. FACT

    4. Linux does not make installing most programs easy for the end user. FACT

    5. Linux nerds think the general public want to use MS-DOS terminals that have been obsolete for 30-40 years. FACT

    6. Every year for the past decade it is proclaimed that it is “the year” Linux will take over the world, even though it doesn’t even support releveant software. FACT

    7. Wine is buggy and doesn’t not work with a lot of programs. FACT

    8. If Linux was so great it would be the #1 OS and it’s not even close(1% market share). FACT

    9. Linux nerds will proclaim about how its used in server farms, databases, and rendering machines but fail to realize those are dummy machines that any os can do and is a small percentage of total devices being used on a daily basis.

    10. Linux nerds when presented with facts will cry that I am refering to Linux(Kernel) and not a single distribution because they have no real argument. FACT

    11. When presented how useless Linux is as a desktop OS for the average user they will point to Android, which last time I checked is not a desktop OS. FACT

    12. Fanboys will point to xyz browser based cloud software and say “See Linux can run that”, when by that measure we can say the same thing about windows 95, WebTV and any other ancient devices and/or OS’s that have a browser. FACT

    13. Fanboys will throw a fit and just claim you don’t know how to use a computer and in complete denial that it’s not operator error, it’s just that Linux sucks. FACT

    • Major Gnuisance says:

      Typing “FACT” after each of your points doesn’t make them any better (or factual).
      Most of your “points” were opinionated BS, and the rest were blaming the OS for the arbitrary decision of ISVs not to publish their applications for it.
      If you were not computer-illiterate, you’d know that it’s applications that support running on an OS, not the other way around.
      The Adobe suite you seem to love so much didn’t spring fully-formed from the ether and then Microsoft and Apple made OSs that “supported running it.”

      Also, you compared an UNIX-like command line to MS-DOS.
      That alone robbed you of all credibility.

      MS-DOS was always pathetic crap, even at the time.
      Your ignorance of good command line interfaces doesn’t make them any less useful or powerful.

  2. me says:

    What we have to remember is that your average obsessive linux nerd is looking for is someone to say how terrible windows is.Full of shit about how badly written any windows application is he is never happier than when he can type long commands into his terminal.

  3. me says:

    OK the reason I don’t use linux on my desktop for day to day work.

    1, It does not run the programs which I use as an embedded systems engineer which I wish to use in the way in which I wish to use them.
    2. I use my computer to do work, I do not use it for games and I dont expect people to be impressed by my ability to type long commands into a terminal.
    3. I dont love windows, but it is stable, not infested by spyware doesn’t need rebooting daily and doesn’t crash as linux fanboys would have us believe.
    4. I don’t care about software ‘freedom’ what ever that means.
    5. I don’t wish to be associated with the typical militant linux fanboy, socially inadequate, poor personal hygiene, inability to communicate with people, aggressively geeky.
    6. I understand computers better than most linux users who expect us to be impressed by their mastery of the command line, what they dont understand is that real computer users don’t feel the need to try to impress people.

  4. Lilltiger says:

    #3: Why noit show QtCreator/KDevelop/Eclips doing C++ or something like that, or the Unity3D engine scripting, insted of silly HTML.

    #4: Are you trying to give liux a bad name, that is not much of a game, Show some real games like Dota2/HoN/CK2.

    #5: Amarok is way more impressive music player.

    #8: Why not show Skype insted as it’s a well known app.

    #10: Show something real in Blender or Maya, not som silly cml viewer where it looks like something from the 80’s.

    #11: How about mentioning that 90% of all supercomputers runs linux, most webservers etc.

  5. Nishant Soni says:

    Pretty good list Avi. I hope this will encourage a few more windows users to switch over to the better world :)

  6. N.C. Weber says:

    This is a nice outline, but you could have provided more information. You should have named the programs that you have created screenshots for. For example, the photo editor and Word processor are programs that a person on Windows could try out to give them an idea of how they would work in the Linux environment. Getting people interested in the programs is a good way to get people interested in Linux. They may say, “If Linux has programs like this that I can use on my Windows machine, then what else does it have that doesn’t work on Windows.

    Another thing, showing Sudoku as an example of a game in Linux? That will hardly impress anyone since that game can be played on a black and white LCD handheld that runs on button batteries. Use something that grabs the imagination like 0 AD, or Xonotic, or Super Tux Kart Racing. Those games are much more impressive.

    I think it would be a good idea to expand on this article. Flesh it out a bit.

  7. I rarely hear those myths as arguments. And as you write, those are myths spread by uninformed people or those who are brainwashed by Microsoft. The real problems are when it comes to interoperability, branch specific software and compatibility of file formats.

    I have elaborated this here: http://it-tactics.blogspot.com/2011/07/why-companies-do-not-use-linux-on.html

  8. Eddie G. says:

    I for one, HAVE heard some people claim these myths when they cited as to why they would never use Linux. it’s funny, but I was once “afraid” to try Linux, because some of these myths I believed to be true. Just because we know better now….doesn’t mean that there are those out there who think these are all myths…I guess with all the FUD out there about Linux it all depends on your level of wanting to know the truth for yourself…..nice article though!

  9. Sarah says:

    True they are all myths however I notice the little dock down the bottom and single menu bar layout at the top, fair enough.

    Would you be happier with a Mac? It is *NIX underneath, it can do everything listed here and it unlike most of those Dock-a-like apps which usually don’t actually work too well you’ll get the interface you want to boot.

    Gnome2 & 3’s default layout is, with the right theme applies quite eye catching same for KDE really so I’m not sure if saying “Linux is pretty” when it’s trying to do an impression of OS X is a good thing.

    • N.C. Weber says:

      The dock at the bottom just means he’s using the XFCE desktop environment. One thing Linux can do that Windows and Mac can’t: you can change you desktop environment to suit your tastes and needs. Me? I use Ubuntu’s Unity desktop, but other like KDE, LXDE, Cinnamon, and many others that are available.

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