11 Myths About GNU/Linux Operating System

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31 Responses

  1. Săndel says:

    Yeah! It’s all bananas!

    Linux/GNU systems will never be as you described.
    They are an will remain way cooler an versatile :D

    Still… I’m under the impression you invented those “myths”
    I had heard hilarious statements from people who knew nothing about but
    this mythical collection. is stretching it…

  2. veggen says:

    Your myths are myths. Noone thinks any of those.

  3. Prime says:

    Myth 10: Linux don’t look cool – Instead of the given screen shot, a desktop cube would have been better.

  4. Jon says:

    However, as of yet, there is no easy way to play a Bluray movie. You need to manually de-crypt it first and then play it, but you don’t get all the cool menus and effects. It’s being worked on, but it’s no where near the level it is for Windows. It will be one day, just like it took awhile for full DVD support.

  5. A ridiculous post says:

    These are not myths. No one believes any of these things.

  6. Shywim says:

    You speak of low-level programming language and you show html… Wait what ?

  7. sslider999 says:

    They are all photoshoped.
    It’s all a lie.

  8. Adam Outler says:

    I can’t see the pictures in Linux.

  9. Mushroom says:

    Screenshots aside, you should have named names. Like with the image editor, you didn’t say whether it was GIMP or digiKam or PhoTox or any of the other dozen available. (Or mention there *are* a dozen Photoshop-level editors available.) Same with most other entries. Good intentions you had but elementary school presentation.

  10. Budiman says:

    I never say Linux can’t do those things. And for those who think Linux can’t do those things, Linux can do more than you can imagine. Almost all supercomputers in this world use Linux. One more thing, the images are missing. :-)

    • Israel says:

      People who still think those things about GNU/Linux have no idea what it is, obviously. In Ubuntu there is a Software Center where even the most novice user can install (easily) all those programs, and MANY more. You can even install Steam, which is quite a bit heavier gaming than Sudoku. Besides all that there are low-latency Kernels to produce higher quality music than on windows.
      But of course we know all that anyhow….
      Besides Gedit (the default text editor in Gnome) blows most every default text Editor out of the water…. come on… Syntax highlighting…
      And of course, Android! Seriously, who even wants a iPhone, you can barely put music on that lockbox?!

    • Ness says:

      That really was my misconception almost 2 years ago — until I tried and, now become fully obsessed with, linux distros. But, however, the Microsoft Office which is my company’s only standard suite is pushing me to maintain a laptop for it. I am hoping an office suite better than Libre will come up in the future.

      • saiki4116 says:

        Don’t Worry. Libre Office is improving at a very rapid pace. The experience is much better compared to first time I have used LibreOffice

      • Sri says:

        WPS office is almost as good as MS Office and much better than libreoffice. Give a try once and see for yourself.

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