Fedora 19 ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’ Released – Installation Guide with Screenshots

Fedora project announced released of 19th version of its Linux distribution “Fedora 19” code name ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’ on July 02 2013 with GNOME 3.8. In this release “Initial Setup” has been included which was supposed to included in Fedora 18 releases. In “Initial Setup” user will be select Language, keyboard layout, add cloud services etc. Also new user can be created if no user created during installation. In this article, we’ll see pictorial installation guide of newly released Fedora 19.


Fedora 19 has been available with latest and greatest versions. Some of the features are:

  1. Linux kernel version 3.9.5
  2. GNOME 3.8
  3. KDE 4.10
  4. MATE 1.6
  5. LibreOffice 4.1
  6. Default database is MariaDB instead of MySQL (Oracle will make MySQL closed-source)

Please visit to know Fedora 19 complete features.

Download Fedora 19 DVD ISO Images

Fedora 19 in different desktop flavors are available to download using following links.

Download Fedora 19 DVD

  1. Download Fedora 19 32-bit DVD ISO – (4.2 GB)
  2. Download Fedora 19 64-bit DVD ISO – (4.1 GB)

Fedora 19 GNOME Desktop

  1. Download Fedora 19 GNOME Desktop 32-bit – (919 MB)
  2. Download Fedora 19 GNOME Desktop 64-bit – (951 MB)

Fedora 19 KDE Desktop

  1. Download Fedora 19 KDE Live 32-Bit DVD – (843 MB)
  2. Download Fedora 19 KDE Live 64-Bit DVD – (878 MB)

Fedora 19 Xfce Desktop

  1. Download Fedora 19 Xfce Live 32-Bit DVD – (588 MB)
  2. Download Fedora 19 Xfce Live 64-Bit DVD – (621 MB)

Fedora 19 LXDE Desktop

  1. Download Fedora 19 LXDE Live 32-Bit DVD – (656 MB)
  2. Download Fedora 19 LXDE Live 64-Bit DVD – (691 MB)

Fedora 19 ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’ Installation Guide Steps

1. Boot Computer with Fedora 19 installation media. You may press ‘ENTER‘ key to Start Fedora 19 else it will start within specific time automatically. While starting fedora 19 installer you will get two options ‘Start Fedora 19’ and ‘Troubleshooting’.

Boot Fedora 19 Image
Boot Fedora 19 Media Image

2. Choose “Install to Hard Drive” or choose “Live Fedora” from Live media if you want to give a try.

Choose Install Hard Drive
Choose Install Hard Drive

3. Select language and click on “Continue“.

Select Language
Select Language

4. “Installation Summary” where settings like location, date and time, keyboard, software and storage can be done clicking & setting up one-by-one.

Fedora 19 Installation Summary
Fedora 19 Installation Summary

5. Date, Time and locale settings.

Select Date and Time Location
Select Date and Time Location

6. Choose Installation destination i.e hard drive and click on ‘DONE‘.

Choose Installation Drive
Choose Installation Drive

7. Installation options, where you can view and modified filesystem as per requirement. In this post we have used automatic partitions.

Fedora 19 Installation Options
Select Automatic Partition

8. Choose keyboard layout and click on ‘DONE‘.

Select Keyboard Layout
Select Keyboard Layout

9. Give hostname and click on ‘DONE‘.

Add Fedora 19 Hostname
Set Hostname

10. Once done everything, it is now all set to begin installation. Click on “Begin Installation“.

Fedora 19 Installation Start
Fedora 19 Installation Begins

11. Give root password and create users.

Set root Password
Set root Password

12. Set root password.

Add root Password
Add root Password

13. User creation details.

User Creation
User Creation

14. Root password is set and user is also created. Now relax installation is being processed.

Fedora 19 Installation Process
Installation Process

15. Installation completed. Reboot system after ejecting media.

Fedora 19 Installation Completed
Installation Completed

16. Fedora 19 Boot Menu options.

Fedora 19 Boot Menu
Boot Menu Options

17. Booting Fedora 19.

Starting Fedora 19
Booting Fedora 19

18. Fedora 19 Login Screen.

Fedora 19 Login Screen
Login Screen

19. GNOME ‘Initial Setup‘ screen.

Fedora 19 GNOME Setup
GNOME Initial Setup

20. GNOME ‘Initial Setup‘ select input sources.

GNOME Selection
GNOME Selection

21. GNOME ‘Initial Setup‘ Add cloud account.

Add Cloud Account
Add Cloud Account

22. GNOME ‘Initial Setup‘. Now base system is ready to use. Initial setup can be changed anytime in Settings.

GNOME Settings Ready
GNOME Settings Completed

23. Fedora 19 ‘Schrödinger’s Cat‘ Desktop Screen.

Fedora 19 Desktop Screen
Fedora 19 Desktop Screen

Reference Link

Fedora Homepage

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  1. If I select the automatic configuration of hard disk space before installation, what happens then? Will my hard disk be formatted??

    • I hope you are booting from USB stick. So, here is the solution to fix such error.

      Rename the isolinux folder to syslinux, isolinux.bin and isolinux.cfg files to syslinux.bin and syslinux.cfg, respectively.

      Now, try again booting with the USB stick.

  2. You stated at the beginning, “Also new user can be created if no user created during installation.”, yet this technique was never mentioned. This is something that would be useful to know.
    Thank you

  3. Thanks for the useful post
    but i have a question from all of beginners you should have to post with detailed hard drive partioned.

    normal installation can do anyone !!!!


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