Deal: Master Linux with This “Absolute Beginners Course” ($18 Only)

Today, Linux is practically everywhere, powering over a billion Android devices, several servers on the Internet and 94% of the world’s supercomputers. Are you yearning to learn Linux? For that reason, the Linux For Absolute Beginner course is here to help you acquire the foundational skills to start working with a Linux system.

For a limited time, you can have access to all 50 lectures of the Linux For Absolute Beginners exciting offer at just $18 only on Tecmint Deals, and master the basics of the #1 operating system for web servers around the world as you learn to install and operate a Linux system from scratch, while building a solid understanding of different Linux distributions.

Through 12 hours of quality course content, experienced and re-known instructors will guide you from beginner level concepts such as acquainting yourself with the Linux command line, learning file management techniques, customizing shell prompts and beyond.

Subsequently, you will as well dive into advanced techniques such as how to create system users and groups, manage users, groups and file permissions. Furthermore, you’ll master accessing a Linux server, and learn all that is to do with installing a web server plus all the necessary configurations.

Importantly, you will enjoy 24/7 access to course material thereby enabling you to control when and where you learn. Additionally, with lifetime access to the content, you’ll be able to review the course material whenever you want for better understanding of certain advanced concepts.

Just to understand the importance of Linux skills in the IT world today, a 2015 Linux Jobs Report shows that 97% of hiring IT managers specify Linux administration skills as one of the key requirements in their hiring decisions.

Therefore, start your journey towards absolute Linux mastery and develop a strong foundation of this ubiquitous operating system with the Linux For Absolute Beginners course, for a limited time now at 37% discount only on Tecmint Deals.

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