Create an Active Directory Infrastructure with Samba4 on Ubuntu – Part 1

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Matei Cezar

I'am a computer addicted guy, a fan of open source and linux based system software, have about 4 years experience with Linux distributions desktop, servers and bash scripting.

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18 Responses

  1. sedlav says:

    You need to update the link to the Part6

  2. Tererei Aruee says:

    how to add acl at /etc/fstab as mine was so totally different with what is on your tutorial, if there’s a way to verify that ACL is on at your system that would be very helpful. I am using Ubuntu Server 16.04 and I follow the tutorial and everything is fine but I am not sure whether ACL is on at my ADC.


    • Matei Cezar says:

      No worries, if you’re using Ubuntu 16.04, acl should be enabled by default on ext4 file system.
      Use this command to verify is ACL are enabled on fs: sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sdaX |grep acl

  3. Mr.cunt says:

    you forgot a – in sudo samba-tool domain provision –use-rfc2307 -interactive it should be sudo samba-tool domain provision –use-rfc2307 –interactive

  4. Graewer says:

    There is a LITTLE mistake in the code for installation of winbind…

    sudo apt-get install samba krb5-user krb5-config winbind libpam-winbind libnss-windbind

    If you have problems installing libnss-winbind, try to write it without “d” in mid ;)

    Beside this little thing: Awesome tut! Thx a lot!

    • Matei Cezar says:

      Yes, there’s a typo in the code you’ve mentioned. The correct misspelling of the package is libnss-winbind . It error will be fixed.

  5. Matei Cezar says:

    There is type there! I’ve noticed and took the screenshot before correcting the error. Anyway the second nameserver belongs to second AD DC, which is offline most of the time. You should be probably safe as long as local DNS resolution or first AD DC is online.

  6. Rahul Tidke says:

    Is this series applicable to CentOS 7 also (with all the equivalent CentOS 7 commands)? Thanks..looking forward to next parts!!

    • Ravi Saive says:


      The series is specially based on Ubuntu distribution, but it will also work on all Linux distributions with slight changes in command installation.

  7. Flodumi says:

    Why so many reboots?

    • Matei Cezar says:

      There are two reboots. First to apply system-wide hostname correctly and second to apply network interface changes accurately. You can choose to modify both files and then issue one reboot after you’ve modified the last file.

  8. helloworld says:

    edit file /etc/nsswitch.conf
    hosts: files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns

    #new line
    hosts: dns files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return]

  9. Ernie Johnston says:

    It is near the end of Point 15.

  10. Ernie Johnston says:

    Anyone notice the line
    nameserver ?

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