Switching From Windows to Nix or a Newbie to Linux – 20 Useful Commands for Linux Newbies

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Avishek Kumar

I am a major in computer science, love to research nix. I love to write codes and scripts, review distros, experiment Foss Technologies, write technical articles, Hack, of course Ethically. I am working as System Administrator (nix) for a NGO.

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58 Responses

  1. Romanator says:

    Amazing website. I am a newbie, however I have a quick question in regards to “cat” command and the example above:
    oot@tecmint:~# cat a.txt b.txt c.txt d.txt abcd.txt
    Are you trying to concatenate 5 files (a, b, c, d, abcd.txt) and print the content, or are you trying to concatenate a, b, c, d to abcd.txt? If the latter, should not this command be:
    oot@tecmint:~# cat a.txt b.txt c.txt d.txt >>abcd.txt
    Again – I have learnt a lot, and I am trying to follow every example. It took me a while to understand what was going on with the first command. Thank you!

  2. Dinesh Yadav says:

    nice post with good explanation…
    thank you

  3. wahidullah says:

    Thanks a loot

  4. Pritam Saha says:

    These are the very Basic commands in LINUX…Interested to know some more commands which will be useful too..
    Thanking you…

  5. Amol Bhosale says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking for lab session like
    1) creating local repository by copying packages from DVD.
    2) Installing & Configuring SAMBA Server step by step.
    3) Creating Backup Server.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Amol Bhosale

  6. Alex says:

    PS – This page has now been honoured by being bookmarked on the Tool-bar!!!


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