Install CHEF Workstation in CentOS

How to Install CHEF Workstation in RHEL and CentOS 8/7

Chef is one of the popular configuration management tools, which is used to rapidly automate deployment, configurations, and management of the entire IT infrastructure environment. In the first part of this Chef series, we’ve

Install CentOS Stream in AWS EC2

How to Setup CentOS Stream from AWS Marketplace

In the current trend of IT Infrastructure, Cloud Computing occupies a tremendous role. Most of the top companies are looking for Cloud Providers to have their Infrastructure. As per our requirement, we can provision

Install Apache Kafka in CentOS

How to Install Apache Kafka in CentOS/RHEL 7

Apache Kafka is a powerful messaging engine, which is widely used in BigData projects and the Data Analytics life cycle. It is an Open-source platform to build real-time data streaming pipelines. It is a