SSH Passwordless Login Using SSH Keygen in 5 Easy Steps

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171 Responses

  1. kr says:

    I have manually copied from one ip to the other one I have tried the given demo also

  2. krish says:

    Generated the ssh-keygen on node and copied the key in authorized_keys of other client address machine
    and vice versa I have done
    Ex: cat and copied in authorized_keys of other client address

    FYI: cat
    ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDKWpgaLZISajE/6U3i2cxrf8xhg8OtECLFtx5ZBmpkelLMWBoM4YUZsapjOMiKxWRcx3TjfKJQiOaVEGmUm1Kd8mLwIHUcCrV3XDm2Me+tNorPYGGrKyEbWwDDilfwCQfJ76WavkhHKz4ODm8toRaI+MNfy0ED7ZGCdOnurXsfuym1Q6MhngR24ns+KVbaFI5wz36RLxvvRsFuJq7MVxbwFtuZ5zNWjejSjTwtMi4JTAe4UXjAVBshgL0pExWJ9ZxE+KWNngyS2MyZyKDV30zbpje9ksSgNKVvSZx6deXf/33CqarFlj1D9/J09MoNZn5pNHRPdmnxWQfHO1uFlJNL root@ip-10-230-244-205.ec2.internal

  3. krishna says:

    Could you help me to do the passwordless SSH

  4. George says:

    We got this error while testing scp/ssh based password-less authentication

    AUDIT: CHFW0019I: The Transport Channel Service has started chain HttpOutboundChain:servernamexxxx:9080.
    Could not load module /usr/share/centrifydc/lib/
    Dependent module /opt/freeware/lib64/libgcc_s.a(shr.o) could not be loaded.
    The module has an invalid magic number.
    Could not load module scp.
    Dependent module /usr/share/centrifydc/lib/ could not be loaded.
    Could not load module .

    Any idea why ? Is it something to do with directory permissions ?

    • Ravi Saive says:


      I think you’re using AIX machine, and I don’t think these instructions works on AIX, and to be fact I never worked on AIX so sorry I can’t help you out..

  5. ramesh says:

    Thanks for the article, I often come refer your site, BTW, How do you make those short video, if you throw me some clues that will be helpful..

  6. emmanuel says:

    how do l disable ssh passwordless login using keygen

  7. Alexander says:

    ssh-copyid is more simple to use.

  8. Raem says:

    is there any option to do sftp with pass wordless from windows to aix server

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