A – Z Linux Commands – Overview with Examples

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet
Linux Commands Cheat Sheet
Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

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  1. Y. Nagendra Prasad says:

    Hi Sir,

    Please share server configurations step by step.

    Y .Nagendra Prasad

  2. Y. Nagendra Prasad says:

    Hi Sir, this Nagendra Prasad from Bangalore india.

    Your website is very good for Linux newbies..

    Please share server setup articles step by step configuration such as like,ftp, nfs, dns, nis, samba, dhcp, mail.apache tomcat.

    Y. Nagendra Prasad

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Nice Command Be Blessed

  4. Aragie says:

    wow best basic notes I advanced!!!

  5. Wallace says:

    This is the best tutorial

  6. kt says:


    Could you please help me to install/configure and execute Identity Manager Server on CentOS 6.9 or 7? Thanks.

    • Ravi Saive says:


      You mean “Oracle Identity Manager Server” on CentOS? If yes, give me some time to writ-up on the same, till then stay tuned to Tecmint.com

  7. Bayu says:

    Hi, my name bayu. I’m from Indonesia. I’m new in Linux can someone tell how to make server in centos 7? I’m make what is on youtube but nothing connect at all. i want to make server file sharing with samba in centos 7 to connect to window 7. thank you for let me join in this forum.

  8. Muhebullah says:

    thanks it is helpful commands

  9. Sadick Sessah-Odai says:

    I would be grateful if i can get the pdf of this commands. I am a beginner and want to get my hands on linux commands.

    i want to be a system admin after my graduation from a university.

    Please send me the pdf of all this commands and also which linux distro should i learn now as i want to become a system admin someday.

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Sadick, I too want to become a sys admin after my graduation. You can save this web page by using savepdf extension in chrome or mozilla – it’s you wish. It will be lot easier after you do that.

  10. jitendra kumar says:


    sir, please guide this Linux server and mcitp topic .

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